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What others academicians and compliance executives are saying about Aaron Beam’s story…

    "Aaron Beam's real life, rubber meets the road experience with healthcare fraud and abuse and financial irregularities is important for you to hear. The pressure of falsifying documents, in a publicly traded company is an intriguing story of how one man can bring a very successful organization and its people to the brink of financial ruin. Aaron Beam's matter of fact approach doesn't embellish, sugar coat, or hide his own participation in the fraud. He tells of his time in prison and the debt he has paid in a manner that causes all in attendance to take notice. Aaron has spoke for two of our events and his evaluations were stellar."
— Warren Hebert, RN, CAE
CEO HomeCare Association of Louisiana
RWJF Executive Nurse Fellow '06-'09


"...His presentation is professional and compelling. He is very effective at "painting the picture" for students... The reactions of students are always the same. They sit spellbound while Aaron speaks. They are captivated by his story and by his message. They are stimulated to ask many questions and to reflect on what they should be learning for their own lives and business practice."
— Barbara G. Danos, J.D.

Ourso College of Business

Louisiana State University


"Our students benefited from hearing Aaron Beam speak on campus.  Seeing and speaking with him as a real human being, not just as a figure on the many documentaries on HealthSouth, made our students realize that they may face the same ethical dilemmas that he faced during his tenure with HealthSouth.  His message was clear and genuine --- think before you act.  By hearing Mr. Beam's message, students are able to see that they need to be prepared for the consequences of ethical lapses."

— Dr. Sarah Dunn Stanwick

Taylor Associate Professor of Accountancy

Auburn University



"Mr. Beam truly had an impact on our students in the Hull College.  His story was riveting and brought home the fact that poor ethical decisions, even ones that seem minor at the time, send you down a slippery slope that can have devastating consequences."

— Dr. Marc Miller

Augusta State University

Aaron Beam, beginning in 2009, has spoken at least once to 46 colleges, 61 associations, 11 corporations, and 10 civic groups. Listed among these are Microsoft, J&J, Home Depot, Penn State, University of Texas, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, and Stanford University.