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Meet Ethel: Aaron’s visual reminder to be ethical.

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Why is Ethel important?

You may question why the first image on my website is a portrait of “Ethel”. Studies have shown that people have an easier time being ethical when they are given frequent reminders to do so. With my first two books and nearly a thousand speeches, I have tried to improve ethics in business. I want to use “Ethel” to help me achieve this goal as I begin my second decade of public speaking. “Ethel” represents my ethical conscience. She hangs in my living room and I see her every day. When you see her on my website, in my presentation or as the signature on my emails, please realize she is reminding you and me to be ethical.

Aaron Beam speaks to schools, healthcare groups, CPA’s, corporations, and associations. Universities: Ohio State, Tulane, Washington & Lee, Duke, Texas, Penn. State, and over 70 others. Healthcare: Hospital Corp. of America, Infirmary Health, Doctors Hospital of Miami, and many more.
CPA’s: BKD, PWC, and local accounting firms.
Corporations: Home Depot and Microsoft
Associations: AICPA, ACFE, Alabama Bankers, Alabama Hospitals, HFMA, Alabama Bar.

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